Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 2

The first week of school went very smoothly overall.  Students have been doing great at remembering to wear their uniforms and are learning how to switch classes quietly.

Here is a look at what we are learning this week:

Art: Students will be finishing the "Raising Responsibility" (Quail Run discipline policy) posters they started last week.
ASL: Students are working on ASL benchmark: I can use ASL to sign colors, shapes, animals, and foods.
Dance: Dance etiquette and the importance of warm ups
Health:  Students will differentiate between the facts and myths of exercise, discover the effects of exercise on the heart through an in class blood vessel experiment and demonstrate the importance of stretching and cooling down the body after exercise.
Math: Place Value
Music: Students are continuing to learn about rhythm and music genres
PE: Group games
Reading: Guided Reading, decoding strategies and summarizing
Science: The Solar System
Social Studies: Communities
Spanish: Sounds of the letters
Writing: The students will begin a unit on sentence fundamentals using a mnemonic strategy called PENSMARK, practicing penmanship of the "Frog Jump Capitals" (F,E,D,P,B,R,N,M), begin working on leveled spelling sorts and work on expressing ideas clearly when writing.


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