Star of the Week

Each week the second grade classes will be featuring one student as the "Star Student." Each student will have a turn as the year progresses. The star student will have special privileges throughout the week including being line leader and leading the flag salute.

On Monday they will have an opportunity to present a "Star Student Poster," provided by his/her teacher. This poster will be sent home the week prior so the student can color and decorate the poster.

On Wednesday, the Star Student will also have a chance to present a Mystery Bag. The Star Student will bring one special object to school in this bag. They will write three clues about what is in the bag so their classmates can try to guess what they have brought. The Mystery Bag will be sent home the Monday prior.  If your  child wishes to bring a large or valuable item and you are concerned about its safety, then you may come in with your child and return the item home after the presentaion which will take place from 12:15-12:25 on Wednesday.

The schedule for the Star Student Week is below:

Wednesday (of the prior week): Send home poster

Monday: Student Presents Poster and teacher sends home Mystery Bag

Wednesday: Mystery Bag Presentation

Thursday: Student may choose a “Reading Buddy” (stuffed animal) to hold during read aloud time

Every day: Student will be line leader and lead the flag salute.

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