Summer Activities


Below are some activities you can use to help your students practice what they have learned this year and get them ready for third grade.  Students can loose up to two months of learning over the summer!  You can help your student stay on track by completing some of these, or other educational activities, every day.


The best way to practice reading is to read!  Read to your student, have them read to you or have them read on their own.  Remember if you student misses more that 5 words in 100, the book is too hard for them to read on their own!

1. After reading a book ask your student to retell what happened in order. 
2. After reading a book have your student draw a picture of the events that happened in order. 
3. Read a story book to your child.  Stop reading before you get to the last page.  Have your student draw a picture of what they think will happen at the end of the story.  After they finish their pictures  read the end of the story. 

Summer Reading Programs

Barnes and Noble - Your student can earn a free book after they read 8 books of their choice

Click here for more info: Summer Reading Program
To participate, your student needs to:
-Read any 8 books and record them in the Reading Journal found here.
-Take the completed Reading Journal to  any Barnes & Noble store between May 22nd and September 4th, 2012. Chose a FREE Book from the selection found here. It’s that easy!

Chuck E Cheese
To encorage your child to read everyday, each time your child reads for 2 weeks in a row, they will earn 10 free tokens to Chuck. E. Cheese!  Click  here to print the reading log. Please note this is valid through 12/31/13 at participating locations and a food purchase required for redemption. There is a  limit 1 of any free token offer per child per day. 

Pleasant Grove Library
 Go here to read about all the fun activities you and your student can participate in during the Pleasant Grove Library 2013 Summer Reading Program.  The fun starts the week of June 10th.


1. After you complete a fun summer activity such as going swimming, playing outside, or a vacation, have your student write a paragraph about what happened.  Encourage your student to write what happened in order.

2. Have your student write you a persuasive letter to convince you to let them do a fun activity.  Encourage your students to state their opinion in the first sentence and then provide 3 supporting reasons (reasons why they think their opinion is right).

3. After visiting a museum, watching and educational T.V. show or researching online, have your students write an informational paragraph about a topic that is interesting to them (i.e. cats).  Encourage them to use facts to tell about their topic.


1. Give you student a handful of coins.  Have your student tell you how much money you have given them.

2. When your student asks what time it is, have them read the clock rather than reading it for them.  Ask your students to figure out how much time is reaming  before the start of an activity. (i.e. it is 20 minutes until swimming lessons starts). 

3. Write two-digit subtraction problems on a piece of paper and give them to your student to solve.

4. Give your student up to four two-digit numbers and ask them to add them together.

Online Games For Math:

Subtraction Games:
 Dino Dig -Dig up dinosaur bones by answering subtraction problems
Color Your Vacation-Earn extra colors by answering subtraction problems
Diaper Derby- Make your baby race by answering subtraction problems quickly
Fantastic Fish Shop -Help customers find the right fish with your subtraction skills!
Subtracting With Money - Click on the money to make the right amount!
Math Magician - See how fast you can answer these subtraction problems!
Soccer Subtraction- Try to score with your subtraction skills

Addition Games:
Tugboat Addition - The faster you answer, the faster your boat will go!
Balloon Pop -Click on the sums (remember sum means the answer to an addition problem) in order from least (smallest) to greatest (biggest)
Funky Mummy- Make the mummy dance by clicking the right answer!

Fractions Games:
Matching Fractions- Match the fractions

Telling Time:
On Time Analog- Click on the correct time
On Time Digital- Se the digital clock to the correct time
Clock Shoot- Click on the matching clocks
Elapsed Time- Figure out how much time has passed

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