Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The First Week!

We are having a great first week of school! As teachers, we are loving getting to know your wonderful students! Each and every one of them brings something special to our classes.  
 The Second Graders are starting to get more comfortable with our schedule and learning how to switch classes.  This week we are focusing on learning rules, proceedures and getting to know our classmates.
If you have a facebook account, we would like to inivite you to vote for our school at the following link: https://apps.facebook.com/givewithtarget/schools/96029 .  This helps us to earn Target gift cards that the school can use for supplies.

Homework for second graders is to read for 20 minutes every night. You can record your child's reading minutes online at: http://www.qrps.org/index.php?page=record-your-reading-minutes .

Here is what we are learning this week:
ASL: Signs for bathroom, water, yes, no, and how to sign their initials
Spanish: The alphabet
READING: Proceedures and guided reading groups
MUSIC: Rythm sticks
MATH: Reviewing ordinal numbers and skip counting, and even and odd numbers
PE: Proceedures
SCIENCE: The planets
ART: Proceedres and intro to TAB (student directed) art

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