Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 36

Welcome to week thirty-six! This week’s theme is: Utah History Week!


DIBLES Reading Testing: We are taking our end of the year DIBLES tests this week and next week.  These tests are required by the state of Utah.  It is important that your child is at school so they can complete this test.  The DIBLES test is administered to each child one at a time.  They read three stories for 1 min each.  They then tell the teacher what they remember about each story.  I will send home your child’s scores as soon as testing is complete.

Take Home Reading Book Bags: Please return your child’s take home reading bag to school once you have finished reading their last book.  We need to have all bags returned by the end of the year.

Library Books: Today was our last time checking out library books for this school year.  Please ensure that your students return their library books to school before the end of the year.

Walkathon: Our school is having a walkathon!  The walkathon will take place on the trail at Manilla pond on May 10th from 1:30 until the end of the school day.  Each student was sent home with an envelope for donations today.  We welcome donations of any size from family, friends and neighbors.  Students who do not wish to collect any donations are still welcome to participate in the walkathon with us. 
On May 10th please remind your student to wear comfortable shoes, sun screen and to bring a water bottle.  Parents are welcome to join us for the walkathon!
Please return any money your student may have collected for the walkathon to the school as soon as possible.

May 24th Early Release:  The last day of school is May 24th. School will be released at 10:00 on that day.  Please plan accordingly. 

Spelling Words: Check the spelling section of our blog for this week’s spelling words to practice at home.

Here is a look at what we are learning this week:

Art: Students will continue working on their student directed art projects using mediums such as collage, pastels, paper construction, and water color. We are working together as a class to earn a clay day for cleaning quickly.

ASL:  This week we will learn how to sign the shapes in ASL.

Dance:  Students will continue studying the different types of movement. 

Health: Safety

Math: We will finish up our study of fractions.

Music: In music we will be learning about rhythm.

PE: Various games in the gym.  

Reading: In reading we will be having guided reading with our leveled books, phonics lessons and fluency practice.

Science: Students will continue to study weather.

Social Studies: Students will study ancient cultures.

Spanish: We will finish up learning the names of the shapes in Spanish.


·                     Handwriting: This week will be learning the penmanship of cursive “u” 
·                    Composition: We will keep working on the chapter books we have been writing.

·        Spelling: We are starting a new spelling program!  Students will have an assigned list of words that we will be tested on each Friday.  The list of words we are learning this week focuses on words with “ai” making the long a sound as in the word “bait.”
1.     Pain
2.     Plain
3.     Complain
4.     Training
5.     Straight
6.     Strain
7.     Grain
8.     Raincoat
9.     Chains
10.             Brain
11.            Remain
12.             Drain
13.            Contain
14.             sprain
15.             bait

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