Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 34

Welcome to week thirty-four! This week’s theme is: Green Week.


Parent Teacher Conferences:  Parent teacher conferences are this Thursday, April 25th.   School will end at 1:00 on this day.  Please sign up for an appointment to meet with me on your Compass account.  If you have any questions regarding the changes coming to our school next year I would be happy to try and answer them at this time.

Book Orders: Scholastic Book Order Flyers have been sent home.  This is our last book order of the school year!  Now is a great time to order books for summer reading. If you wish to order a book please place your order online or return your order form to me by Monday, April 29th.

Field Trip: Our next field trip will take place on April, 29th from 1:30 to 2:15.  We will be walking down to the pond during our Science time.  We will be reviewing what we have learned about habitats and rocks.  Students may bring a small snack if they like.  We would like to have 5 parent volunteers for this trip.  If you are available to go on this trip with us, please email me.

Take Home Reading Book Bags: Our take home reading book bags will be sent home for the last time on April 30th.  After you and your child have read the book that is sent home on April 30th please return your student’s book bag to school so the teachers have time to inventory the books.  There is a fee of $5 for books and book bags that are not returned.

Spelling Words: Check the spelling section of our blog for this week’s spelling words to practice at home.

Here is a look at what we are learning this week:

Art: Students will continue working on their student directed art projects using mediums such as collage, pastels, paper construction, and water color. We are working together as a class to earn a clay day for cleaning quickly.

ASL:  There will be no ASL this week as we focus on Spanish.

Dance:  Students will continue studying the different types of movement. 

Health: Safety

Math: We will be reviewing concepts we learned earlier in the year.

Music: In music we will be learning about rhythm.

PE: In P.E. we will be running laps for the Quail Run Race Across Utah.  The first class to run enough laps to “run” across Utah will earn a smoothie party.  The second graders are really excited for this chance to get healthy!

Reading: In reading we will be having guided reading with our leveled books, phonics lessons and fluency practice.

Science: Students will continue to study weather.

Social Studies: Students will study ancient cultures.

Spanish: We will be learning the names of the shapes in Spanish.


·                     Handwriting: This week will be learning the penmanship of cursive “y” 
·                    Composition: We will keep working on the chapter books we have been writing.

·        Spelling: We are starting a new spelling program!  Students will have an assigned list of words that we will be tested on each Friday.  The list of words we are learning this week focuses on words with the long “e” sound made by the letters “ea” together.
1.     Each
2.     Wheat
3.     Cheat
4.     Neat
5.     Repeat
6.     Heater
7.     Teacher
8.     Eating
9.     Treat
10.   Meat
11.   Reach
12 Weak
13.  Sneak
14.  Repeat
15.  said

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