Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 30

Welcome to week thirty! This week’s theme is: Welcome spring!


Help our school earn free books!  For every book you’re your child reads, between Now and April 5th , at: http://www.wegivebooks.org/readformyschool,  We Give Books will donate a free book to our school.  Be sure to make a login and specify that you want your free books sent to Quail Run Primary School. This is a great way to practice reading at home and help our school earn free books!

Music Program: In music class the first and second grade students have been practicing to perform a special musical called “Getting Down with Mama Goose.” The first and second graders will perform this program, together, on March 28th at 8:45 a.m.  Parents are invited to come to our school that day to watch their students perform.  Some of the second grade students will have speaking parts.  If your student has a speaking part, you have already received a separate email.

Here is a look at what we are learning this week:

Art: Students will continue working on their student directed art projects using mediums such as collage, pastels, paper construction, and water color. We are working together as a class to earn a clay day for cleaning quickly.

ASL:  This week we will continue to study the ASL signs for animals.

Dance:  Students will continue studying the different types of movement. 

Health: Learning how to take care of our bodies.

Math: We will be learning about making and reading bar graphs.

Music: In music we will be rehearsing for “Getting Down With Mama Goose” Our performance is next week!

PE: Various games in the gym.

Reading: In reading we will be having guided reading with our leveled books, phonics lessons and fluency practice.

Science: Students will continue to study rocks.

Social Studies: Students will study ancient cultures.

Spanish: We will not have Spanish this week as we focus on ASL.


·                     Handwriting: This week will be learning the penmanship of cursive “f”  ·                     Composition: This week we are talking about real world examples of persuasion such as advertisements.  We will be using the ideas we gain by looking at advertisements to make our own advertisements.

·        Spelling: We are starting a new spelling program!  Students will have an assigned list of words that we will be tested on each Friday.  The list of words we are learning this week focuses on the short “i” sounds.  I have copied the spelling list for this week below.
1.     grip
2.     grin
3.     knit
4.     thick
5.     slid
6.     winter
7.     little
8.     swim
9.     tickle
10.   flip
11.   trip
12.   ship
13.   wicked
14.  shrink
15.   subtraction

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